Cornhole Board Dimensions

If you’re looking into buying your first set of cornhole boards, you’ve probably already noticed that there’s some degree of variation out there when it comes to size. How big is a cornhole board supposed to be, anyway? Is it just up for grabs, or are there some official regulations out there? What gives?

Well, the answer is: It depends. Yes, there are official regulations that outline the appropriate cornhole board dimensions for tournament and league play, but there are also plenty of cornhole board manufacturers churning out products that don’t necessarily match those regulations. These latter boards might be found at casual tailgate parties and other places where people aren’t taking the game too seriously. But in an arena where people are carefully keeping score and competing, you can almost always expect to see the boards meet a prescribed set of dimensions.

Official Cornhole Board Dimensions

When it comes to competitive cornhole, several governing bodies have outlined the official dimensions for a regulation-sized cornhole board. There are some minor discrepancies depending on whether you go by the American Cornhole Organization or the American Cornhole Association, but by and large, the size regulations are standard across the board:

Board Tops: These must be 48” by 24” or within a half an inch of those dimensions. In other words, 4 feet in length by two feet in width. The tops should also be made of plywood that is at least one-half inch in thickness.

The Board Hole: Regulations state that the hole must be six inches across the diameter and be centered on the board nine inches from the top and twelve inches from the respective top edges.

The Board Front and Back: Cornhole boards are sloping by nature. This design is achieved and set into regulation by a front that is 2 ½” from the ground to the top; it should sit at a near-90 degree angle from the face of the board. At the other side, the back should rise 12 inches from the ground to satisfy official regulations.

Unofficial Cornhole Board Dimensions

By its very nature, unofficial cornhole board dimensions can run the gamut. We’ve seen tabletop boards that you could easily carry in one hand. On the other hand, we’ve seen giant novelty boards that look like they were made for an ancient race of goliaths. Generally speaking, however, the most common non-regulated size will measure approximately 3 feet by 2 feet. You’ll sometimes see these referred to as “tailgate” cornhole boards, and they are designed to be more easily portable than their official cousins. If you want a special size we can make you a custom cornhole board.

Which Type of Board is Right For You?

Unless you have space limitations or some other specific reason for wanting a cornhole set that’s smaller than usual, we would recommend that you get a regulation-sized game set. It’s the size that people will be expecting, and you won’t have to worry about throwing off your game when you head out to play on other sets. Most of the sets we sell meet the official cornhole board dimensions we outlined above, and they have been designed with the quality standards approved of by the official governing bodies of the game world.