Custom Cornhole Boards

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Custom Cornhole Boards

Cornhole isn’t necessarily a new game, but it has only recently grown to become one of the most popular ways for family and friends to pass the time together. An enjoyable outdoor activity that combines camaraderie, skill, competition, and laughter for an afternoon of fun that anyone can appreciate, cornhole has catapulted out of the neighborhood backyard to take root at tailgate parties, bars, festivals, company picnics, and even professional competitive events. And whether you’re a suburban dad looking for something fun to play with your family or a business owner looking to add a new attraction to your grounds, you can find everything you need at Custom Cornhole Boards.

A Versatile, Widely-Loved Game

We created Custom Cornhole Boards to fill a growing need in the marketplace. That need? The booming popularity of this fun, versatile, widely-loved game! Though it’s been known throughout the years by a variety of names – bean bag toss, tailgate toss, soft horseshoes, etc – the game that evolved out of these early, ill-defined pastimes has only one true name: Cornhole. And because it takes very little equipment, experience, or skill to jump in on a round, you’ll find this game played everywhere. Metro cities. Rural farm towns. Backwater pubs. Football stadium parking lots. The list goes on and on.

Like all the best games, cornhole is one of those that takes only a few minutes to learn…but a lifetime to master. A newbie can walk right up to the line, take a cornhole bag in hand, and play their first round without ever having heard of the game before. Indeed, if this neophyte has a solid background in sports, they may even be able to make a good showing for themselves. But at the end of the day, this game is a competition. And because of that, many Americans have dedicated themselves to honing their skills, fine-tuning every aspect of their game, and turning themselves into pro-level masters of cornhole. Perhaps you’ll be the next to join their exclusive ranks!

The Game That’s Open to Every Player

The unfortunate thing about many popular games is how much barrier there is for entry. Not everyone can afford a nice pool table. And certainly there are millions of kids who wish they had room for a regulation-size basketball court on their property. Sadly, that’s not in the cards for most people. Then there’s the skill barrier. It’s not easy to walk up to a billiards table for the first time without making a bit of a fool of yourself. These barriers make the games special for those who have cleared it, but they don’t necessarily make them welcoming games for the whole family.

Cornhole is different. With a good board and a handful of bags, any environment is a great one for this awesome game. Indeed, much of its popularity is derived from the fact that you can play it virtually anywhere. As long as you’ve got a flat surface wide enough to fit the board, you’ve got the potential for a game. Similarly, people of all ages, sizes, genders, and abilities can grab a bag, learn a bit about the rules, and get a game going in no time. It’s as fun for grandma as it is for little Billy! If you want you can purchase an unfished board and then use a stencil to design it yourself. We recommend you use Stencil Giant for all stencils.

Our Boards are Perfect for Any Game Environment

Because versatility is such an integral part of cornhole, we’ve plenty of cornhole board designs that play well in any reasonable environment. Are you planning to hold games in your backyard while Dad tends to the grill and your neighbor brings over an ice-cold cooler of beer? We’ve got the boards for that! Are you planning to bust out a game of cornhole while surrounded by friends and strangers in a stadium parking lot, waiting for your home team to take the field? We’ve got the boards for that! Maybe you’re planning to expand the activities available to your bar patrons. Maybe you want to start up a competitive league in your town. Maybe you just want a cornhole board of your own so you can practice after work and impress your buddies the next time a game comes around. No matter how you intend to bring this amazing game into your life, we’ve got the boards for that!

Boards for the Newcomer, Boards for the Expert

We’ve crafted our collection of cornhole boards to ensure that anyone who is even slightly interested in the game can find something they like. For the newcomer, we have great boards intended for casual play – put them away when you’re done, and you have a terrific board for occasional use. For the expert, we have professional-quality boards that meet regulation standards – perfect for local tournaments and other forms of organized play. For the hobbyist, we have plain, unpainted boards and unfinished – a blank canvas upon which you can make your own designs!

Unparalleled Quality

We’ve designed our custom cornhole boards to match the official construction guidelines laid out by the American Cornhole Association, and you can be proud to use these boards for any sanctioned tournament. Beyond official events, however, you can trust that all of our boards will be built, painted, and wrapped with the highest quality assurances. We understand that many of these boards will be used in an outdoor environment, and we know that they may be subject to a great deal of wear and tear. That’s why we’ve constructed our boards to stand the test of time.

If you have any questions about our products or have a special request in mind, be sure to contact us via phone or email. Our customer service reps are standing by to make sure you get the custom cornhole board you’ve been dreaming of!